Duration about

Duration aboutAge of participants since years.

Duration about hour.

Materials Working leaf Values and symbols.

InstructionI want, that today you thought of yours otnosheniy to key values, that they for you znathey cause a chat, what thoughts and feelings.

To do it youwill be in groups on four persons.

So, break snachala on subgroups.

Now I will distribute you Working leaves.

As you can see, herefive values are specified.

Each subgroup should sdelat following during joint walk to choose for kazhthat from values a subject better symbolizing these of the prices nost and its role in your life.

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Nevertheless But will pass a lot of time before we can successfully live in the conditions which are so close to anarchy.

Nevertheless it is useful to mean such ideal structure of society as the direction in which we should develop provided that our cultural and demographic difficulties it will allow us.

The number of the people living and working together, would vary from several families to several honeycombs people so that everyone was interested in maintenance of good relations with the others.

Awareness of need of long and close contact to the same people strong incentive concerning them honest and validly.

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A. Zavyvaniya

A. Zavyvaniya Rebenoknoyet.


The more you are irritated, theA.

Bolshe and is more often aches the child.


Bystree it grows quiet.


When my child not in mood, it in general quite oftenA.





Instead of a quiet time the child suited a silent cat's concert.

You do the remark.


Zavyvaniya only amplified.


Ustanovilas longawaited silence.


Let's assume that you already long enough learn the kid to read either to write, or to consider, and it does not have this business.

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Therefore And if I to myself choose it, I will change under it vliyaniye.

I only need to check, whether it is necessary to me to change under the influence of this environment or to choose another.

Certainly, I live in any environment, instead of in the jungle.

Perhaps, and in jungle, only the human.

Therefore I Teenagers want changesshould choose, under whose influence I will change.

Another I have no choice.

I should decide to change at all, me only it is necessary to choose the corresponding influence.

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Having stopped

Having stopped Each step forward was for them a small victory.

Having stopped to photograph and having returned to the rests, I tried to reject the Willow a civilized view of the events and absolutely sincerely rejoiced all rest of transition.

Even bruises and scratches any more did not cause special pain and steel of subjects, than they were actually quickly healing small injuries of skin.

It appeared that it is possible at all and not to worry concerning any grazes and furthermore to be angry, feel sorry for itself and to consider bruises till the end of boat carrying.

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